Within the scope of the Qurbani on the needy’s behalf program carried out with the theme of “Share Your Qurbani, Get Closer to Your Brother” in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Türkiye Diyanet Foundation slaughtered 525 thousand 550 shares of Qurbani entrusted to the Turkish nation in 81 provinces and 922 districts in Türkiye and 82 countries and 375 regions abroad and delivered Qurbani meat to 21,897,917 people.
İzani Turan, General Manager of Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, said that our Foundation, which is the benevolent representative of the Turkish nation with its charity activities in many fields for nearly half a century, has been organizing Qurbani on the needy’s behalf program for about 30 years with the support of benefactors.

Turan stated that they successfully and proudly carried out the Organization of Qurbani on the needy’s behalf in 2022 with the consigned of the benefactors, and said, “The blue vest officials and volunteers of our Foundation, who went to all over the world, starting from our country first, with the support of our nation and benefactors this Eid-al-Adha, has meticulously delivered the consigned to its rightful deserved without saying day and night and without knowing fatigue.”
Underlining that they attach great importance to Qurbani animals that meet the conditions of Qurbani according to Islamic procedures, Turan said, “We have carried out their slaughter without prejudice to the Qurbani shares entrusted to our Foundation. After detecting animals with Qurbani characteristics without a doubt, the official and our volunteers read the names of our donors one by one, and slaughter them with the support of the local public,” he said.
Turan stated that the meat of Qurbani animals slaughtered in Türkiye and abroad were packaged and distributed by the officials and volunteers of the Foundation to the needy, orphans, and the victims during Eid Al Adha. Turan stated that in addition to the meat of the Qurbani, they delivered various gifts consisting of the Holy Quran and the Turkish Flag to the needy with the support of benefactors.

Stating that there is a great love for the Turkish flag abroad, Turan said, “I met with our officials and volunteer colleagues who are on areas to deliver the consigned of our nation.
Our colleagues proudly tell us that people who see the Turkish flag send Dua for us, kiss our flag, and let happiness and hope blossom on their faces. Our friends tell us many memories of the same love and affection, wherever they go,” he said.
Turan stated that the officials and volunteers of the Foundation, who are abroad on the occasion of Eid Al Adha, also inaugurated the water wells and foundation fountains and orphanages built by TDV with the consigned of the nation in the regions that are longing for a single drop of water.

3,916,723 shares of Qurbani since 1993
Turan informed that they slaughtered 525 thousand 550 shares entrusted to Türkiye Diyanet Foundation by benefactors under the supervision of the officials and delivered the Qurbani meat to a total of 21,897,917 people. Turan thanked everyone who supported the organization and made the following assessment:

“Eid al-Adha has become more meaningful to Muslims wherever they are in the world, through Qurbani on the needy’s behalf entrusted to us by our beloved nation. Since 1993, we have slaughtered a total of 3,916,723 shares of Qurbani by our benefactors and delivered them to the needy. In the shadow of our moon-starred flag, we will continue to hold the hands of the oppressed to embrace the world surrounded by the crescent with goodness. We would like to thank our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who donated his own Qurbani to the Qurbani on the needy’s behalf organization, our esteemed President of Religious Affairs who offers all kinds of support, our ministers, deputies, local administrators, artists, athletes, devoted members of our Diyanet organization, our officials and volunteers who represented our country in the most beautiful way abroad, and every member of our benevolent nation in our country and abroad.”